The list of flips tricks, much like Skateboarding, will forever be incomplete. Simply because with the trends of fingerboarding, certain areas are explored more than others. Some of these tricks have not yet been touched by fingerboarding however certain fingerboarders take much pride in attempting tricks that are fresh and new.

Flip tricks are moves done normally from an Ollie setup with the exceptions of pressure flips. Here is a rough list of the many flip tricks in skateboarding, but also in fingerboarding.


Frontside/Backside Ollie 180: An ollie in which both the skater and the skateboard rotate 180 degrees either frontside or backside. If the skater spins some other multiple of 180 degrees (e.g. 360, 540), the trick is named accordingly.

Half-Cab : A fakie (Going in the opposite direction) frontside 180 ollie.

Full Cab / Caballerial : A fakie frontside ]360 ollie. Invented by Steve Caballero

Nollie Cab / Helipop : Frontside 360 nollie. Invented by Rodney Mullen

Adam Spin : 360 shuv with 180 body varial opposite way

Kickflip : When a skateboarder flicks off the corner of his nose of the board, if the skater rides regular with his/her left foot first he/she kicks to the left and vice versa for goofy footed skaters. Invented By Rodney Mullen.

Heelflip : Similar to the kickflip, only the board spins toe-side (towards the toes).

Fakie Kickflip : Kickflip while riding in fakie.

Fakie Heelflip : Heelflip while riding in fakie.

Panache Pop : A simple Pop Shuv-it with a sex change. Rotating the board backside 180 degrees beneath you while you rotate 180 degrees frontside (in the opposite direction of the Pop Shuv-it).

Frontside Panache : A harder Frontside Pop Shuv-it with a sex change. Rotating the board frontside 180 degrees beneath you while you rotate backside 180 degrees (in the opposite direction of the Frontside Pop Shuv-it).

Back Foot Kickflip : Kickflip done using your back foot after an ollie

Nollie Front Foot Kickflip : The Nollie version of the Back Foot Kickflip. It is a Nollie Kickflip using your front foot after the Nollie.

Pop Shuv-it / Shuv-it : Popping the tail while also shoving it behind you making it rotate backside 180 degrees under your feet.

360 Pop Shuv-it / 360 Shuv-it : Popping the tail and shoving it behind you making the board rotate backside 360 degrees under your feet.

540 Pop Shuv-it / 540 Shuv-it : Popping and shoving the tail behind you so the board rotates backside 540 degrees under your feet.

Frontside Pop Shuv-it / Frontside Shuv-it : Same thing as a Pop Shuv-it except you shove the tail forward so it rotates frontside 180 degrees (behind you) under your feet.

Levitch twist / Pressure flip with a body varial. : Popping the tail and shoving the tail in front of you so the board rotates Frontside 360 degrees under your feet.

Impossible : Where the board completes one rotation by rolling around the skater's back foot, in much the same manner as spinning a baton with one's hand. It is considered good style to make the board flip as vertical as possible. If the board spins laterally or comes off the back foot, it tends to end up looking more like a 360 pop shove-it. This trick can also be done with the front foot. That is called a "front foot impossible". This trick was invented by Rodney Mullen. He shared the idea of this trick with some of his older friends who told him it would be impossible, hence the name.

Double Impossible : This trick is done when the board does a full Impossible and continues to spin an extra rotation. It was invented by Richard Harter.

Phantom Kickflip : When you stand off the board, place one toe under it, and flick the board into a kickflip and land on it.

Phantom flip : A phantom kickflip with a 180 hippie jump.

Bigspin : The board spins by popping a 360 Pop Shuv-it while the rider also does a Backside 180 Body Varial.

Big Forward Flip : A Forward Flip with a Backside/Frontside 180 Body Varial. Invented by Rouven Leonavicius.

Biggerspin : A 540 Shuv-it while the rider spins 180 degrees in the same direction.

Frontside Bigspin : A 360 frontside pop shove-it with a 180 body varial going the same direction.

Antispin : A Frontside 360 Pop Shuv-it with a backside 180 degree body varial.

FS Antispin : A bs 360 pop shove-it with a fs 180 body varial.

113 griggs flip : A kickflip 360 hippy jump

Spin Out : A pop shove it with a bs 360 body varial

FS Spin Out : A fs pop shuv it with a fs 360 body varial

Antispin Out : A fs pop shove-it with a bs 360 body varial.

FS Antispin Out : A Pop Shuv-it with a Frontside 360 Body Varial.

Varial Kickflip : A Varial Kickflip is a Kickflip combined with a Pop Shuv-it.

Nightmare Flip / Varial Double Kickflip : A combination of a Pop Shuv-it and a Double Kickflip. It looks similar to a Varial Kickflip, but has an extra kickflip rotation.

Frightmare Flip / Twisted Nightmare Flip : A Nightmare Flip with a FS 180 body varial.

360 Flip / Tre Flip / 360 Kickflip / 3 Flip : A combination of a 360 Shuv-it and a Kickflip.

360 Double Flip / 360 Nightmare Flip / Double Varial Kickflip : A 360 Pop Shuv-it with a Double Kickflip.

360 triple flip : A 360 triple flip is a 360 backside pop shuvit with a triple kickflip

540 Flip/ 540 kickflip : When the board does a 540 degrees and a kick flip all in one motion

720 Flip/ 720 kickflip : When the board does a 720 degrees and a kick flip all in one motion

720 triple flip : A 720 triple flip is when the board spins 720 degrees wile doing a triple kickflip.

Varial Heelflip : A varial heelflip is a heelflip combined with a frontside pop shuvit.

Laser Flip/ 360 Heelflip/ 360 Heel : A combination of a frontside 360 shove-it and a heelflip.

Double Laser : A double heelflip with a fs 360 shove it, in other words a double laser flip

Hardflip : A frontside pop shove-it with a kickflip. This trick is awkward to execute, and the board sometimes appears to move vertically through the legs.

Double Hardflip (Not to be confused with 360 Double Hardflip) : A fs shoveit with a double kickflip

Triple Hardflip : An FS Shove It with a Triple Kickflip

360 Hardflip : A 360 frontside pop shove-it and a kickflip all in one motion

360 Double Hardflip : A 360 Hardflip with two kickflip rotations

Fresh Flip : A a nollie pressure hard flip sex change. Created by Joseph Ruiz. The trick can be seen on youtube sasukelgty

Ghetto Bird : A Nollie Hardflip Late BS 180. Created by Kareem Campbell.

Inward Heelflip : A combination of a backside pop shove-it with a heelflip.

360 Inward Heelflip : A backside 360 shove-it with a heelflip in one motion.

Inward Double Heel : An inward heelflip with two heelflip rotations.

360 inward double heelfip/360 Inward Double Heel : A 360 inward heelflip with two heelflip rotations.

Nollie Kickflip/Heelflip : A kickflip/heelflip performed from the nollie position. These tricks can be performed fakie as well.

Frontside/Backside Heelflip : A heelflip combined with a frontside or backside 180. This trick is also known as a frontside or backside heel.

Frontside/Backside Kickflip : A kickflip combined with a frontside or backside 180 ollie. This trick is also known as a frontside or backside flip.

Backside Flip : A backside 180 spin and a kickflip all in one motion.

Backside 360 Kickflip : A 360 flip where the skater spins 360 with the board.

Half-Cab Flip : A fakie frontside or backside 180 with a kickflip.

Backside/frontside 360 heelflip : when you perform a frontside/backside 360 and a heelflip.

Caballerial Flip / Cab Flip / Full-Cab Flip : A combination of a Caballerial (a fakie bs 360) and a kickflip.

Bigspin Flip / Bigspin Kickflip / Bigflip : A 360 flip and with a backside body varial.

Biggerflip : A 540 Flip with a 180 degree body rotation.

Frontside Bigflip : A 360 hardflip with a frontside 180 body varial.

Inward bigflip : A 360 inward heelflip with a 180 body varial in the same direction

Big Heelflip/FS Bigspin Heelflip/FS Big Heel : Laserflip with a FS 180 body varial

Grape flip : A hardflip with a fs 360 body varial. [Invented By Donovan Strain].

Double Grape Flip : A double hardflip with a fs 360 body varial . [Invented By Donovan Strain with help from George Smart].

Late Flip : A kickflip or heelflip performed (usually) by the backfoot.

Late Shove-it : A shove-it, either frontside or backside, performed by the backfoot at the highest point of the ollie.

Shuvit Lateflip : Is a (pop) shuvit with a late kickflip.

Underflip : Flipping the board by using one foot that is under the board and flipping it in the kickflip or heelflip direction.

Pop Shove-it Underflip : Is a shuvit with a late underflip, performed by the back foot

Shuvit Lateflip : Is a (pop) shuvit with a late kickflip.

Fs shove it body varial : Do a front shove it and a bs 180 body varial

Hospital Flip/Casper Flip : A half kickflip which is caught upside down with the front foot under the front trucks, then flipped back over heelflip-style with a popshove combined. The only difference between a casper flip and a hospital flip is that the casper flip has the back foot briefly rest on the tail and assist in the board flipping back over in the same manner. With a hospital flip the back foot makes no contact with the board once it is upside.

'Casper' heel/Hospital Heel/Scissor Flip : A half heelflip, the front foot catches the board upside down and does a front side shuvit with it.

Anti 'casper' flip/Baby Glove Flip : A casper flip but back foot goes under the board and flips it back around instead of the front

Big Hospital Flip/ Big 'Casper' Flip/Alpha Flip : A bigspin hospital flip

Disco Flip/Sex Change : A Heelflip with a backside 180 body varial or a kickflip with a fs 180 body varial

Fingerflip : A fingerflip requires the skateboarder to flip the board in any direction using their fingers on the nose or tail.

Grip Twist Flip : Similar to the fingerflip, only the board does a hardflip motion. Created by Xesús De La Torre

Forward flip / Dolphin flip/frosty flip/ murder flip : Usually performed by ollying and sliding the front foot directly off the nose of the board instead of off one of the sides causing it to flip vertically between the riders legs. The rotations of this trick could be described as an inverted vertical varial kickflip or an ollie late nollie hardflip.

360 Dolphin flip/360 FORWARD flip : The same thing as a forward flip except it has 2 rotations

Dolphin heel/porpoise flip/Forward Heelflip : A forward flip with a heelflip instead, like an ollie later nollie inward heel

1/2 cab impossible : a half cab with an impossible

Unward flip : An unward flip flips in the same rotation as an "inward heelflip", but is flipped from under the board with the front foot. This is trick is easiest in the nollie position, and is considered the complete opposite of a "nerdflip". This trick can be considered an advanced trick because of the extremely awkward foot positioning an unward flip demands. Invented by Rodney Mullen.

Gazelle flip : A 540 flip with a body rotation of 360 degrees in the same direction.

Gazelle Spin : A 540 Shuvit with a body rotation of 360 degrees in the same direction. Fs/Bs/. Fakie Fs/Bs. Nollie Fs/Bs. Switch Fs/Bs.

Kickback Flip : The board does a half pressure kickflip rotation, then it is brought back up and thrown in the heelflip direction, making it a half pressure kickflip to a late one and a half helflip.

Plasma Spin : Frontside bigspin with a pressure Impossible.

Kiwi Flip : fs shuv late under flip

Kiwi Spin : a kiwi flip with a body varial in the same direction

360 PressureFlip : A Pressure Inward HeelFlip/hardflip going 360 degrees

ToeFlip : A Pressure Varial Kick

360 ToeFlip : A Pressure 360 flip

Semi-Flip : A quarter kickflip late back foot varial heelflip. Invented by Rodney Mullen

Stereo Flip : A daydream flip (or double heelflip varial) with a 180 body varial. Invented by Aaron Brown

Storm Flip : A Nollie Backside flip with a late kickflip. Invented by Jerry Hsu.

BullFlip : A BS 720 Gazelle NerdFlip - the main way people do this trick is Nollie. Invented by Robby Williams.

Bull Double Flip : A 'Bullflip' with an extra flip. Created by Bo Polite.

Sigma Flip : A Half Nightmare flip to an anti Casper flip in one motion

Haslam Flip : A Half Varial Kick to a half late heelflip in one motion

HangTen Flip/ Gingersnap : When you go in a HangTen then you pop down making it do a pressure nollie hardflip through your legs.

Shove-it late shove : A BS shuvit kick it back to a FS shuvit.

Nerd Flip : Perform a regular BS shuvit, but dip your back foot below the board when it is suspended. when the board is on its way to straighten, lift your back foot up in a flick motion, causing the board to kickflip. Known as a BS Shuvit, to Underflip. Invented by Robby Williams.

Half Wrap Kickback Flip : Perform by doing half an impossible and once your front foot is under it you kick it back like the second half of a kickback flip. You then land.

Half heel half kick : opposite of half kick, half heel can be front foot or back foot.

Heelside kickback : Do a quarter heel flip than kick it back so it does a rotation like a kickflip and land it.

360 Double heelflip/360 Daydream flip : A front side 360 shove it and double heel flip mixed, or in other words, a laserflip with two heelflips.

Meatspin : shove it 360 bodyvarial.

Frontside meatspin : frontside shuv it 360 body varial.

Frontside/Backside 180 north : 180 where you slide the front foot off the board. An ollie where you slide your front foot off is an 'Ollie north' but isn't listed here due to it not being a flip trick but a freestyle trick.

No comply flips : A No Comply is where you foot plant and then use your back foot and knee to lift the board off the ground. It is a freestyle trick but you can do pressure flips, finger flips, and spins from it.

Shifty tricks : Perform an ollie shifty or an ollie where you land in the same stance but move right or left. You can do flip tricks like this but they're very difficult and usually are done as late flips. Shifty tricks can be frontside or backside. It can be only done with a heelflip or kickflip, backside or frontside.

Tree flip : a tre flip aka 360 flip with a late varial kickflip.

Half wrap Half Heel : Half an impossible but you put your front foot forward and once it goes half way kick it back with your heel and land.

Camel Flip / Sanfer Flip : A Nollie Hospital Flip or a Hospital Flip with your backfoot, not need to ollie. Like a forward flip but back foot unlike a casper flip which flips the same way as a hospital flip. Popularized by Santiago Esteve Viciano

Bubble flip : A pressure anti casper flip

Ruben flip : A kickflip underflip with a backside 180

Jimbo Flip : A Half-Cab 180 Bubble Flip


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