24/7 Wiki

Welcome to the Wiki

Welcome to the 24/7 Fingerboard network created by 24/7 Magazine, the only magazine to bring the scene to the masses for free. Within this site you will find information on all things fingerboarding. This means, though not limited to; fingerboard riders, companies, products and every thing in between. To help contribute, especially for all of your company owners, simply contact me through aol; hokups2@aol.com or pm me on FFI or FBC with the information i require. Dont forget to add a picture of your company's logo and picture of the product. The information i need from you, the company owner is;

  • History of company
  • Where the company is located (america, europe, etc)
  • History of product(if you have gen 1, 2, etc. or the prototype)
  • What products are sold
  • Team roster(if there is a team)

Getting placed in this network as a simple fingerboarder is not easy, however, not impossible neither! Your subscription count on Youtube is not what gets you into the network. If you have done something to help build the fingerboarding community then you will likely be placed in the network. This has nothing to do with an elite list as this is not a club. This is our history of fingerboarding, a mark or turning point as it were. Think of it as something to work toward that isnt selfish and helps the masses as a whole. For those who fall under that category, this is the information i need from you.

  • Name, d.o.b, started fingerboarding, style(transitional, technical, freestyle), sponsors; basic info
  • A story about how you started
  • What you have done within the scene
  • video list of all the fingerboard videos youve been in. also the year that video happened

I would like to add that if you ran a company at some point but its no longer around, this can also be submitted.

How to use the network

Its very simple actually. Two ways you can actually browse. One is to pick a random page by clicking the "random page" button. Two, you can search manually by typing in the phrase. At this time, Feb 24th, 2011, im not sure how to get redirects going of if i even can get redirect. I probably can and will just have to practice with this system. Having said that, i'll give you some quick tips on manual searching.

  1. Try 'Fingerboarders from' a country, like America or Asia for example. Ive a category that pulls together all the fingerboarders of those reigons. Likewise will this be done with companies as the data begins to flow in.
  2. Try searching 'freestyle fingerboarder' or the other two styles to find a lise of riders who do such styles. Likewise will companies run this way except by products offered.

If youre having problems, feel free to contact me at hokups2@aol.com OR on any of the fingerboard community sites. I'll be glad to help you out.